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Gynaecologists are Now Implementing Smart New Clinical Systems to Liberate Time and Bring Greater Peace of Mind

Daniel Williams

21 Mar 2023

Gynaecologists have shared a growing concern that with increasing workloads, abnormal patient results might possibly be missed - and that there’s a great need for a fully visible management system that provides a much easier audit of clinical outcomes. With a solution now available, higher levels of visibility and enablement are having an immediate impact on the clinician’s peace of mind and well-being.

Technology is now being used to satisfy these needs, quickly adapting to gynaecologists’ work-styles, liberating valuable time with levels of patient visibility that instantly instils confidence. When plugged into hospital department technology, this specialist gynaecology software turns hospital systems into the clinician’s ‘helper’ that technology is meant to be.

Complete, highly-structured data is held electronically, all in one place for immediate access. A customisable personal assistant optimally manages each staff member’s activity, automatically following up every aspect of gynaecology workflow and care. Repetitive processes are automated and letters are created at a single click, all allowing more attention to be given to more patients within every clinic. 

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, Gynaecology Plus is elegant software that clinicians love using 

New generation Gynaecology Plus is currently being adopted by hospitals throughout Australasia to play a key role in significantly increasing the efficiency of the workflow within gynaecology departments, making it possible for clinicians to liberate up to 30% more of their time.

“Prior to using Gynaecology Plus, we were terrified that an abnormal result might get missed, but now the clear results management system gives us peace of mind. I would not want to practice colposcopy without it.”

Our long term collaboration with leading gynaecologists has today resulted in clinical software that is designed specifically for Australasian hospital departments with a focus on supporting clinicians to deliver empathetic care within safe and rewarding environments. 

Gynaecology Plus learns and becomes so intuitive it has the capability to transform the way hospital departments work. We’ve been told it’s like each individual clinician having their own smart ‘always-on’ personal assistant. Clinicians report that Gynaecology Plus’s interface is ‘a delight to use’ with data entry and retrieval no longer a chore. 

Understaffing means that without a sustainable system step-change, there can only be more fatigue  

Very easy to introduce into departments and private practices, Gynaecology Plus is the smart software that gynaecologists have always hoped for.

Gynaecology Plus plugs into all existing hospital PAS and EMR systems to work seamlessly with minimal input from your tech department. It is extremely well supported, upgrades happen seamlessly without interruption, and speciality modules mean that you only pay for what you use making Gynaecology Plus affordable within your department budget.

All of the implementation and setup work is done for you including establishing letter templates, personalizing dashboards, ongoing management of your NCSP interface, user training etc. We are confident that after your first month of using Gynaecology Plus that you will see a big noticeable improvement in workflow efficiency.

We’ve made it really easy to take a test run of Gynaecology Plus without any obligation 

Arrange for an obligation-free 15 minute demonstration and we’ll send you a business case based on actual hospital cost and time savings.

        Gynaecology Plus continues to be a proud Sponsor of the ASCCP.

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