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About Gynaecology Plus

Our Mission

Gynaecology Plus has been created by Solutions Plus Limited, one of the most respected developers of Woman’s Health Software. With the World Health Organisation’s goal of elimination of cervical cancer in mind, our vision is to play a part in enabling healthcare professionals by creating and fully supporting world-leading women’s health software explicitly for hospitals and private practices. 

We are fortunate to have received the input of many leading gynaecologists within the public and private sectors, hospitals, federal and state government bodies, screening registries and RANZCOG which has created software with a significantly higher clinical focus than other first generation software.


Our mission is to build the world’s most effective and intuitive women’s health software, to enhance healthcare professionals work lives providing everything needed, while remaining fully scalable to satisfy future department, region and country demands.


Our Story

Solutions Plus was founded in 1996 by Malcolm and Carol Briggs with the purpose of creating high-quality, reliable software that is easy to implement and use. Solutions Plus’s first healthcare software was Maternity Plus, developed after Malcolm and Carol observed midwives struggling to complete paperwork and increasing compliance on time - tasks more easily handled with purpose built, common sense designed software. The result was Maternity Plus which was quickly adopted by midwives across New Zealand.


Introductions to gynaecology professionals led to a request to develop high-level software for Colposcopy. The company was then invited to work on the New Zealand’s NCSP Register ensuring new levels of data capture and analysis that helped the NZ NCSP to become world leading. Encouraged by experienced gynaecologists, Malcolm and Carol put together a team of seasoned developers to develop Gynaecology Plus. After a favourable reception further modules followed including Hysteroscopy, Surgical Audit, Endometriosis, General Surgery, Early Pregnancy and Obstetric consultations to be brought into one single ‘everything at hand’ system.


Today Gynaecology Plus is a leading, comprehensive woman’s health SaaS platform now used in every New Zealand hospital and most private practices, and is being implemented in large Australian hospitals. Under Malcolm and Carol’s leadership their purpose-led, mission-focused team remain dedicated to create world-leading software that transforms gynaecology departments and practices.

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