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New Generation Gynaecological Software


Gynaecology Plus is developed alongside Gynaecologists to enable efficient, effortless workflow and improve clinical safety  

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Transform your Gynaecology Department or Practice


Increased Efficiency 

Efficiency is enhanced with our extensive and complete clinical records. Intelligent screens continuously adapt as the clinical record is being entered, showing the clinician only the information appropriate to the patient's specific clinical pathway.

Automated Reporting and Compliance

Functionality provides automated outputs for all external stakeholders of the clinical data. Examples include clinical notes and correspondence being placed in the hospital’s EMR and messaged updates of colposcopy data automatically sent to the NCSP Register. Other outputs are able to satisfy the certification and CPD requirements of professional bodies such as RANZCOG.  

Consistency in Patient Care and Safety 

Gold standard care is now possible, through extensive clinician support tools, optimizing the timeliness and quality of care for all patients. Clinical notes, correspondence, and MDT meeting formats are able to be standardized across all clinicians to suit the exact workflows and policies of each department or practice. 

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Introducing Gynaecology Plus

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What Customers are Saying

"Using Gynaecology Plus is a no-brainer for anyone wanting to have a successful, organised private practice with all relevant patient information in one place. The support provided by the Gynaecology Plus team including troubling shooting, teaching and training is beyond compare to any other system I have used before. They are always happy to hear feedback and will work with you to have the system fit your needs. A fantastic patient management system that I would highly recommend."

Narena Dudley
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

"I have worked closely with Gynaecology Plus in my role as an application specialist and they have been head and shoulders above other vendors in terms of their drive to develop the best software possible and collaboration with their user base. The staff are always approachable and pull out all stops to resolve any important issues and make additional enhancements. I can't express how much working with a company like this has improved my job satisfaction and I feel like I am making a definite improvement to the health system working with the team at Gynaecology Plus."

Darren Klemp
Te Whatu Ora Southern Logo.png
Applications Specialist

"The biggest positive impact for us in using Gynaecology Plus has been the increased security over the follow up of results. The accurate and consistent recording of patient interactions with clear recall visibility has had a huge impact in identifying overdue patients and has allowed for much easier audit of clinical outcomes. I highly recommend Gynaecology Plus and I would not want to practice colposcopy without it."

Ruth Swarbrick
Te Whatu Ora Lakes Logo.png
Lead Colposcopist

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