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Clinical Specialty Systems Power-up Your EMR

Malcolm Briggs

5 Mar 2023

Eight years into the rollout of the new Electronic Medical Record (EMR), a comprehensive assessment of Australia’s digital maturity in Queensland has found that clinicians’ workflows suffer from a lack of data integration. Many disconnected systems and devices are interrupting the efforts of hospital departments to increase efficiency, increasing the time taken for staff to complete tasks and causing a continued reliance on complex manual data collection and extraction.

As one of the largest global simultaneous studies of digital health capability, the Digital Health Indicator assessment was recently completed by each healthcare system within Queensland. The score average across all sites was of 143 out of 400 - below the global average. However the findings also offer insights into the reality of increasingly challenging delivery, even though today it is universally agreed that digital health care is the main solution to delivering improved healthcare at scale.

Measuring hospital departments such as gynaecology against international best-health indicators is one thing - trying to achieve better workflows using the systems that you have is another.

No EMR, whether existing or new, can deliver all the benefits and features needed by a busy specialty department such as gynaecology. EMRs are by their nature complex due to the breadth of specialties within most hospitals, often requiring gynaecologists to adjust their workstyles to the demands of their standardised hospital system. Meanwhile, however, the same gynaecologists are expected to optimise and sustain high professional levels of care.

All EMR’s, whether old or new, provide an excellent platform with which to pair with cost-effective specialised clinical software Gynaecology Plus. Once plugged in to your EMR, clinicians immediately gain a whole raft of new benefits tailored specifically to the gynaecology specialty and gynaecology department goals.

There’s no need for any duplicated data entry. Real-time integration means a change made in Gynaecology Plus is automatically made in the EMR, and vice versa.

By plugging new generation speciality software into their existing EMR, clinicians immediately become equipped and empowered to transform the efficiency of their own department.

Several Australian hospitals have recently paired their EMRs to Gynaecology Plus which has immediately ‘powered up’ their EMR, providing significant new benefits to the Gynaecology Department – while at the same time assisting their entire hospital.

No matter which EMR is in place, the levels of efficiency and patient safety required for gold standard care cannot be achieved without a vision to improve the gynaecology department. The department’s goals are much more achievable if smart clinical software, specifically designed for gynaecologists is implemented first.

You don’t have to wait for a new EMR. Gynaecology Plus can plug into your existing EMR today and then later it easily transfers to your new EMR when it arrives.

The pathway to improved state-wide digital health maturity, and improved assessment scores, begins with every hospital department's vision. Proactively embracing speciality software that seamlessly pairs with the EMR helps you to deliver your vision.

Because Gynaecology Plus has been built with the input of leading gynaecologists, very little training is required. All benefits are delivered intelligently, seamlessly and immediately - and it is affordable within nearly every department budget. 

Please arrange for an obligation-free demonstration and we’ll send you a business case based on an actual hospital’s cost and time savings.

Gynaecology Plus continues to be a proud Sponsor of the ASCCP.

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