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How Australasian Gynaecologists are Shortening Waitlists by Liberating 30% of Their Time

Malcolm Briggs

15 Oct 2022

Extreme understaffing, overburdened clinicians, and far from reasonable patient backlogs are testing our ‘fragile’ health service. The public perceives that routine gynaecological care is often not being delivered in a timely manner - with many Australasian women believing that they are not receiving the care that they are due.

The pressure is on clinical teams to reduce waiting lists and produce better results. But without any significant improvements to staffing, hospital systems, and the technology used, this means simply trying to do 'a lot more with the same,' which makes addressing long waiting lists hugely challenging.

Understaffing means longer hours. Other solutions are needed because without a sustainable step-change, there can only be more fatigue.

Easy access to highly structured data and the automation of repetitive processes help ease the burden on clinical staff. 2nd generation software can liberate 30% more time, allowing more attention to be given to more patients within every shift.

Very shortly, those gynaecology services that are achieving timely, gold-standard care will be using smart 2nd generation software. Gynaecologists are now transforming their hospital departments using smart, intuitive Gynaecology Plus.

Five practical reasons why gynaecologists are now turning to intuitive, time-saving specialist software

1. Dramatically reduces energy-draining, repetitive work. 

Highly efficient clinical note creation, automated letters and follow-ups, with immediate alerts to any missing information, give full control and saves time and energy. In addition, all information required by third-party stakeholders, such as the NCSP, is automatically extracted and sent in the background. 

2. Gives the ability to stay organised and on top of your department and practice work.    

A configurable, personalised workload dashboard means much more efficient workflows - only possible with software designed with the consistent input of experienced Australasian gynaecologists, who have patient safety and gold standard care as their objective.

This software provides insight into helpful patterns. It highlights duplication of cost and effort with measurements of efficiency - for example, comparisons of direct costs such as lab tests. It highlights underperforming areas and enables comparisons between departments and with other hospitals, with the possibility of weekly, monthly and annual targets to be set across a wide number of areas.

3. Totally paperless and fully integrated, allowing clinicians to move smoothly from one patient to another. 

Structured, standardised data is a strength of Gynaecology Plus. Rather than patient information being scattered in free-form text, everything needed at any time is immediately at hand in one place, allowing easy recall when preparing for a patient’s next visit, MDT meetings etc. With Gynaecology Plus, all related letters, images, results, discussions etc., are logically integrated and very easy to find.

4. Software senses and adapts to each user task, making data entry extremely time efficient. 


Only the fields and prompts required for the task appear on the screen. All actions necessary are completed in a single session without having to duplicate work or return later to either add more data or generate tasks for others. 

The amount of time liberated per month is considerable, and when multiplied by every user in your department, has a positive impact on patient wait lists, as well as better well-being for all, including your patients.

5. Very easy to introduce into departments and private practices.

Unlike earlier generation software, Gynaecology Plus is easy to get up and running. It plugs into all existing systems to work seamlessly with minimal input from your tech department. It is extremely well-supported. Upgrades happen seamlessly without interruption, and speciality modules mean that you only pay for what you use, making Gynaecology Plus affordable within the department or practice budget.

“The support provided by the Gynaecology Plus team, their teaching and training is beyond compare to any other system I have used before, and that support is priceless. It’s a fantastic patient management system. Gynaecology Plus is a no-brainer for anyone wanting to have a successful, organised department or private practice.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic has tested the robustness of our healthcare systems, a spotlight is now on what matters most, patient safety, our people, and our support systems - all things needed to bring about lasting healthcare transformation for a gold-standard care future.  

Gynaecologists & specialist practice nurses are now deciding which software they're going to be using every day.  

We’ve made it really easy to take a test run of Gynaecology Plus without any obligation. Clinicians say they love using Gynaecology Plus. We back ourselves to prove this specialist software to your department or practice. We are confident that after your first month of using Gynaecology Plus that you will see a noticeable improvement in workflow efficiency. Please contact us - we only need 30 minutes of your time. 

Gynaecology Plus continues to be a proud Sponsor of the ASCCP.
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