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Concerned about the impact that new NZ HPV screening standards and guidelines will have on your practice? How the transition can be safe and simple.

7 Sept 2023

During the recent ASCCP Scientific Meeting in Queenstown, there was a lot of discussion around what the New Zealand HPV screening guidelines and new standards will mean for clinicians. The introduction of HPV screening, and in particular self-testing, is expected to result in an increase in referrals to colposcopy over both the short and medium term.

The additional data and more granular triaging required by the new National Screening Solution are certainly more extensive and complex, and this raises questions about the impact that these changes will have on gynaecologists statutory obligations to the NCSP and their practice workflows.

Everyone involved in colposcopy will find some adaption necessary in order to ensure a successful transition to HPV Primary Screening.

The team at Gynaecology Plus works in partnership with both the Australian and New Zealand cervical screening programs. Over 20 years of continuous development means the latest version of Gynaecology Plus incorporates everything necessary to simplify the comprehensive workflows and processes that are required under the new NZ HPV screened colposcopy environment.

Gynaecology Plus’s philosophy of capturing each piece of data only once combined with extensive built-in tools, free up to 30% of non-clinic time to ensure new efficiencies and time savings that will enable your practice or hospital department to handle the increased workload with ease.

Any confusion and increase in workload resulting from the transition can be avoided by using Gynaecology Plus.

Gynaecology Plus is the only affordable solution for gynaecology departments and private practices proven over time to make colposcopy services highly efficient and clinically safe. It plugs into all hospital PAS/EMR systems and many practice management systems, immediately working together in concert to provide an all-in-one, intuitive department/ practice management solution for all gynaecological procedures.

Other benefits include significant improvements in data quality supporting clinical audit and research, elimination of paper forms and duplicate tasks, and the elimination of manual administrative processes. Other outputs automatically satisfy the certification and CPD requirements of National and International professional bodies such as RANZCOG, BSCCP etc.

“I highly recommend Gynaecology Plus which has had a huge impact on increased security over the follow up of results and has allowed much easier audit of clinical outcomes. I would not want to practice colposcopy without it." - Dr Ruth Swarbrick, Lead Colposcopist.

The transition to HVP testing provides an opportunity for gynaecology practices and departments to use Gynaecology Plus to reach the levels of clinical management that deliver peace of mind.

Begin with the basic paperless colposcopy record and then transform every other aspect of your gynaecology department over time.

The use of Gynaecology Plus in your hospital or private practice is easily justified. No additional funds are required as Gynaecology Plus more than pays for itself through efficiency savings. We will support you through free implementation and training to get you going, and integrate Gynaecology Plus with your hospital PAS and EMR systems and the National Screening Register.

Please arrange for an obligation-free demonstration. We can support your own business case with quantified hospital cost/benefit analysis.

Gynaecology Plus is the first clinical specialist Gynaecology software to integrate with the Australian National Cancer Screening Register.

A proud Sponsor of the ASCCP Scientific Meeting 2023 in Queenstown, New Zealand.

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