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Announcement: Gynaecology Plus Becomes the First Specialist Gynaecology Software to Integrate With The Australian National Cancer Screening Register

29 May 2023

We are very pleased to announce that Australian Gynaecology departments using Gynaecology Plus are now able to automatically submit diagnostic and treatment colposcopy data directly to the National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR). The benefits of this integration include automated compliance, reduction of NCSR administration and improving the quality of the register; which liberates hours of clinicians’ time each week.

The Australian NCSR records and manages patient data within the National Cervical Screening and National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme forming a vital part of a country-wide plan to use technology to help scale improved health outcomes.

Australasian hospitals are installing new generation software Gynaecology Plus to automatically submit accurate colposcopy diagnostic and treatment information direct from their patients record to the NCSR liberating many hours of clinicians’ time each week.

The burden of preparing the reports needed to fulfil the clinician’s commitment to the NCSR can now be lifted from clinicians and their staff.

All appropriate colposcopy and treatment data recorded within Gynaecology Plus is automatically displayed in the participants NCSR record within a few hours. Anytime there is an update within a patient’s record related to the cervical program, it will automatically update within their record held in the NCSR.

By using Gynaecology Plus, the efficiency of clinicians and nursing staff is increased due to:

1. Automated, 100% compliance. Even with far less clinicians’ effort, there’s no risk of data not being sent to the Register. Hospital management is assured of continued full compliance.

2. Reduction of NCSR administration. The accurate, timely and complete interface significantly reduces reconciliation and feedback on any Register issues.

3. Quality of the Register and increasing its capabilities. The NCSR observes and gains the benefits of timely, complete, and accurate data.

Gynaecology Plus users can also securely interact with the NCSR, accessing a patient’s cervical screening and colposcopic history and status held in the NCSR with a single mouse click.

"Integration of Gynecology Plus with the NCSR marks an important step towards achieving our mission, to enable gynaecologists in hospitals and private practices to deliver care more effectively" said Malcolm Briggs, founder and CEO. "Having the ability to seamlessly update and access information within the NCSR ensures that specialists have all the data needed for optimum efficiency, patient care and clinical safety."

In New Zealand, Gynaecology Plus is already used by all hospitals with a rollout of the latest version of the software currently underway and on track to be completed this year.

No matter which hospital system you have, Gynaecology Plus plugs in to your EMR ready to exchange data.Gynaecology Plus ensures that clinicians in Australia and New Zealand have all the data and tools needed for department efficiency, optimum patient care and clinical safety.

Start off with the basics and then transform each area of your gynaecology department over time.

Because Gynaecology Plus has been built with the input of leading gynaecologists its interface is very intuitive, so little training is required. Benefits are delivered intelligently, seamlessly, and immediately; and it’s designed to be affordable within nearly every hospital department budget.  

We are confident that following your first few months of using Gynaecology Plus you will see a

noticeable improvement in your workflow efficiency with measurable cost-savings.

Please arrange for an obligation-free demonstration. We can support your business case with quantified hospital cost and time savings.

Gynaecology Plus is a proud Sponsor of the ASCCP Scientific Meeting in July 2023, Queenstown, New Zealand.

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